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Halo Klear

Case Study - Duck Creek

Location - Wellington

Companies involved-

GoodRich/ RST Environmental Solutions

Goodman Contractors


Case Study - Clearendon Road Christchurch

Location - Christchurch

Companies involved-

SCIRT/Downer Engineering - David Maucor

Stella Pumps - Trevor

RST Environmental Solutions - Andrew Studholme

The Project

In February 2011 New Zealand's third largest city Christchurch experienced a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. The damage to infrastructure was severe. In the resulting months the government sought to begin the rebuild by organising the bigger companies and sharing the rebuild work, SCIRT or Stronger Christchurch Rebuild Team was started, companies involved were Downers, Fletchers, Fulton Hogan and McConnell Dowell consultants.

RST Environmental solutions have been discussing with ECAN (environment Canterbury) about the benefits of using Haloklear versus an Acrylamide based Flocculent with this in mind Downers were brought to the attention of Haloklear and wanted to trial it.

Downers were working on a wastewater project in Clarenden Terrace, which runs along a medium sized creek. While installing new waste water pipework, water was being pumped out of spear wells, still containing liquefaction mud and the water was very turbid.

Trial test

A 6" RST dewatering manifold was installed with one set of DBP and Gelfoc socks, water turbidity was average. Water was pumped through the manifold into a storage tank, which had three segmented chambers then through an out flow onto ground. Once there, it naturally ran into the stream.


TSS - Pre Haloklear application 80 mg/l

TSS - 1 hour after pumping 55 mg/l

TSS - 5 hours after pumping 28 mg/l

Haloklear Product used

RST Manifold

1 x DBP-2100FS

1 x Gelfloc

The Downer and Stella team watch the installation of the RST dewatering manifold

C.S. HaloKlear Case Study, men treating dirty water
C.S. HaloKlear Case Study, dirty water being treated

Water entry in tank.

C.S. HaloKlear Case Study, clear water after being treated

Exit of water into stream.

To watch the video of this application please click link below to watch on YouTube

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