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Floc Unit, Installed. GoodRich Environmental Solutions. NZ
We offer a range of managed services for subdivisions. These include:
  • Sediment and erosion control designs, plans and implementation
  • Installation, monitoring and maintenance of dosing systems to chemically flocculate sediment ponds
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Installation of silt fence systems
  • Dust control
  • Straw mulching
  • Hydroseeding 
  • Grassing
  • Site inspections
  • Construction monitoring and maintenance of DEB'S, SRP'S, silt fences and all erosion and sediment control devices.


Treated Pond. GoodRich NZ Environmental Solutions

Erosion Control Planning:

We can design and supply cost-effective sediment and erosion control plans for a variety of sites. Complying with regional and district council rules, these systems can often be utilized as part of the final landscaping plan to save additional costs.

Sediment Ponds:

Our flocculation units are designed to aid in the removal of suspended solids in runoff from a variety of isolated and disturbed sites, ie. construction sites, quarries, subdivisions, etc. This is achieved by a process called Flocculation.

Flocculation is the clumping together of particles to form a larger mass which in turn settles through the neutralisation of the electrical charge. The addition of a coagulant to water, followed by rapid mixing to disperse the coagulant, causes dis-establisation of the colloidal suspension.

This promotes formation and growth of flocculation or particle aggregations which are large enough to be removed by sedimentation.

As every site to be treated is different in size, rainfall, soil geology, we will custom make the floc unit to suit your site. Due to the unknown amount of coagulant that will be used you will receive a proposal for the site, which will outline the costs involved; these being a monthly rental, chemical costs (rate per litre used) and a set fee for any extra one-off visits.

Water Quality Monitoring:

Monitoring the nearby environment ensures that any site discharges are in compliance with consent conditions. This is particularly appropriate when multiple projects occur in the same catchment or when dealing with a sensitive receiving environment.

If all sediment and erosion control devices are working correctly, water quality above the site is often found to be the source of contamination, rather than the project area itself. With this information in hand, it is possible to clearly demonstrate discharges often observed during heavy rain events are not coming from the site.

Silt Fence Systems:

In some circumstances Filtrexx socks can be used.  There are a number of easy-to-install devices in the range that can filter sediment at source. The media in the Soxx system can filter high rates of sediment from the water as it flows through and flow through rates can be adjusted to suit site conditions.

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