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Dust Control

Dust can be a major issue on construction sites and is an environmental and safety issue throughout New Zealand. We have a number of different solutions which include a range of polymers.

GoodRich's Dust Control. A road with a cover of GoodRich's Dust Control Product.

Other dust systems available include straw mulch that is mechanically crimped into the surface which is highly effective on wind erosion, and a wind or vehicle activated sprinkler system that can control a k-line irrigation system. Ideal for small sites or near residential areas.


Water Additives:

Water has a high surface tension which makes it inefficient at wetting fine dust particles. Introducing a water additive reduces surface tension and significantly improves the ability of water to form droplets and wet surfaces. It has been specially-formulated to include a constituent which provides a residual effect after the point of application.

This results in dust particles being kept wetter for longer, which reduces the number of water applications and therefore the final moisture content of the substrate. This is ideal for controlling dust on an active construction site as it can be added to the water cart and significantly reduce the number of daily watering’s.

Soil Stabilizers:

We offer a range of “next generation” soil stabilizers. There are several systems in the range that are very effective at stabilizing dust on haul roads, stock piles, batters or any open areas on a construction site. By varying the strength of the solution applied you can use the polymers for short or long term stabilization.

Not only will these systems control dust but they are very effective at stopping erosion on sites and can be used instead of straw mulch.

Auto Dust Suppressor:

The Auto Dust Suppressor (ADS) is an innovative device designed to control and minimize dust discharges within the property boundary of the worksite using an automated sprinkler system. It is a solar powered, versatile and adaptable product which can be activated by wind speed, wind direction, vehicle movement, timer, manual override and wireless remote control.

Gravel Haul Roads 

Road Dust Control.  An inexpensive, instant dust suppression product. 

This is an instant short term dust suppression product. It is a Magnesium Chloride based product with a range of polymer additives which give the product longevity on the pavement while giving added benefits of compaction and keeps the fines in the road where they belong instead of turning into mitigating dust.


• RDC is Hygroscopic absorbing water from the air at >30% relative humidity, independent of temperature.

• Agglomerates road material particles and holds them through surface tension.

• Provides the perfect solution for instant dust suppression where a business or community is being affected by airborne dust.

• RDC creates safer, dustless, well bound roads with significant maintenance savings to the client by providing a safer driving surface and decreasing risks caused by loose gravel and soft spots.

• Mitigates airborne dust resulting in cleaner air, which leads to better visibility, cleaner vehicles, property & vegetation, better health and living sites.

• Environmentally safe.

• Can be used on many soil types.

• Can be diluted to lower the frequency of watering for dust control.

• Treated roads can be bladed and recompacted after light watering with limited or no effect on performance.

• Increases surface tension of water film between particles, helping to slow evaporation and further tighten compacted soil as drying progresses.

• Increases dry strength of road material under dry conditions by keeping the roading material well bound over the dusty summer season when the roads normally become dry and unravel.

• Installation is as easy as a wet roll using basic construction equipment (water cart).

• Generally 1 to 2 treatments per season; first one applied at end of wet or winter season. Rejuvenation is usually 50% of initial application rate.

• Contributes to fines maintenance preservation and ultimately keep your good roads good.

• Used within your maintenance cycles it has the benefit of keeping your pavement close to the OMC which allows compaction from vehicles.

• RDC retains fines in the pavement where they should be.

• Dust suppression is a viable road maintenance strategy when used in conjunction with a testing regime to evaluate the type of material you are looking to treat.
• RDC is available in 1000ltr IBC totes or a 20 foot containers containing a flexi-tank of 18000 ltrs. RDC has a specific gravity of 1.3 

• NOTE: Roads treated with chemical treatments are still gravel roads and maintenance contractors should not wait for the roads to fail. Maintenance and top up treatments should be kept up with.

RDC This road has been sprayed with RDC
RDC This truck is spraying the road with RDC
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