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Flocculation Systems

Our Flocculation units aid in the removal of suspended solids in runoff from a variety of isolated and disturbed sites, i.e. construction sites, quarries and subdivisions. As every site to be treated is different in size, rainfall, soil geology, we will custom make your flocculation unit.

Electronic Dosing Device (EDD)

Electronic Dosing Device (EDD) is a solar powered, flow activated flocculant delivery system which can accurately and efficiently dose sediment retention ponds (SRPs). The system is very easy to calibrate for any catchment size or dose rate and uses telemetry to transmit live data to website or smartphone.

Inline Dosing Device (IDD)

Inline Dosing Devise (IDD) is designed for dewatering systems. It’s simple to use and is attached to the pump line. The system is flow activated and is triggered when water passes through a flow meter. All the data is monitored through telemetry. It’s a stand-alone system with a solar panel to charge the batteries.

Concrete Wash Unit (CWU)

Concrete Wash Unit (CWU) is a fully automated dosing system designed to deal with high pH levels in concrete wash from work carried out on construction sites. This system is economical, reliable and uses telemetry to monitor and record live updates to maintain pH levels and turbidity on site. Depending on the system size it can be fully solar powered with 12 volt DC battery or run on a normal power supply.

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