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Straw Mulching
Aotea Subdivisions

C.S. Straw Mulching. GoodRich NZ Environmental Solutions

This site had a large area open as the rains started to fall in June. This meant that a decision needed to be made to close the site down quickly to stop any sediment discharges into the local receiving environment.

The traditional method for doing this was to topsoil and grass finished areas but because of the wet conditions this was not possible.


 It was decided to straw mulch the area and so RST established one of its machines on site and covered a 3 hectare area in a two day period. The result from this was instantaneous. The photo shows the water is clear coming from the area as the straw mulch has contained the sediment on site.

Straw mulching has around 95-98% efficiency when used as an erosion and sediment control tool.

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