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Landfill Re-vegetation

We have undertaken both drill seeding and hydroseeding to re-vegetate landfill areas. If the areas are relatively flat and there is good soil present then drill seeding is a cost effective option for grassing large areas on a landfill.

If the cap material is of poor quality soil then hydroseeding could be a better option as more additives can be included in the mix to ensure a good grass strike. Applications and systems can be designed to suit.


We have developed two separate systems to apply an alternate daily cover. Both systems use a wood fibre and glue base to cover the site at the tip face. The glues are designed to stick to plastics and to bind all the loose material together yet offer the advantage of not wasting space which soil based systems are prone to do.

The second system can include both deodorizers and fly sprays if required.

Both systems are applied by a Hydroseeder at the end of the day.

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