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"GoodSorb is a Poly-acrylic acid, sodium salt, crosslinked super absorbent polymer and it's effectiveness is measured in its swelling properties. GoodSorb is Eco toxicologically safe and it's bio-compatibility makes it safe to compost."
Used for turning
difficult to handle liquids into a solid state which can then be easily manipulated.

GoodSorb is an incredibly absorbent material.

For the purposes of silt retention ponds we have found that a up to 300 fold uptake capacity can be achieved. This means that with the addition of 1m3 of Good Sorb between 100m3 too 300m3 of liquid silts can be transformed into a semi solid mix. This can then be trucked to a disposal site or landfill.


Alternatively, mixing through clean dry fill to create a stable blended material which can then be left on site. It is important however that the placement area be free of inflowing groundwater and it be covered by at least 300mm of clean dry fill to protect the Good Sorb granules from further water uptake.


The water captured within GoodSorb will eventually dry by evaporation or be taken up by plant root-lets.



  • High absorption - up to 330 times in sediment laden water

  • Cost effective handling solution

  • Helps material to be easily thickened or if necessary solidified for disposal

  • Non-water releasing encapsulations

  • Improved solid waste landfill

  • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly

  • Easily applied and works in 15 minutes once mixed correctly

  • Resulting product can be mixed with existing fill on site then topsoiled and seeded

  • No environmental issues with use

Silt pond to be treated with GoodSorb. Top layer of water needs to be pumped out first.

# A -  Dewatering Forebay. GoodRich Environmental Solutions NZ

Dewatering a Forebay using GOODSORB


Demonstrating this method using a small Forebay

#1 Small Forebay.jpg

Apply the GoodSorb

to the Forebay

#2 Apply Good Sorb.jpg

Start Mixing

#3 Mix Good Sorb.jpg

And continue to mix 

#4Mix Throughly.jpg

Until well absorbed

#5 Mix Well.jpg

Mixing is complete, and has now solidified enough that you can stand on it.

#6 Complete Mixing.jpg

The area can now be remediated

#7 Remediate Area.jpg

And then left institu.

#8 Leave insitu.jpg
#  B - Post treatment. GoodRich Environmental Solutions NZ

In this example, the silt has been removed from a different Forebay using the GoodSorb, and can now be either mixed into fill or removed from site.

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