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Concrete Wash Unit

Final CWU flowchart. GoodRich NZ Environmental Solutions
Concrete Wash Unit. GoodRich NZ Environmental Solutions

The Concrete Wash Unit provides a complete concrete washing solution. It can control PH and turbidity through it's dosing system.


We have developed a fully automated system to deal with high pH levels in a concrete wash from work carried out on construction sites. This system is economical, reliable and uses telemetry to monitor and record live updates to maintain pH levels and turbidity on site. Depending on the system size is can be fully solar powered with 12volt DC battery or run on a normal power supply.

How the system works:


The concrete wash system unit has been designed to give full control to the user and it allows easy integration of pH monitoring.


The unit has a magnetic flow meter on the concrete wash water inlet to detect the flow. A dosing pump uses Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) to separate the coarse concrete particles and allow them to settle in the filtration tank. That has a lamella clarifier segregating solids from liquid which streams to the buffer tank. This process is monitored through an automatic pH controller. The pH monitoring smart system measures pH in the filtration tank and if the pH level rises above 11, it signals the pump to divert the water in the buffer tank and alerts an operator through text message. The pH limit can be adjusted as per site requirement. The buffer tank has another pH monitoring system that updates the operator with live data information. Supplementary pH adjustment occurs in the buffer tank neutralizing the pH.

​Key Features & Benefits:

  • Eases manpower through automation.

  • Reduces chemical usage for an eco-friendly environment.

  • Affordable with low maintenance cost.

  • Highly accurate and easy data management system.

  • Telemetry provides live data updates accessible anywhere.

  • Can be customised as per requirement.

​Additional Extras:

  • Webcam compatible

  • Webpage & internet control

  • Weather station connection

  • Text alerts

  • Water meter



We use SCADA systems to provide monitoring and control to prevent environmental harm and provide an effective concrete wash solution.

The environmental impact of cement wash water/products:


Concrete wash water is caustic and usually has a high pH value ranging between 11 and 13 on a scale that runs from 1 (very acidic) to 14 (high alkaline), making it extremely corrosive. It contains dissolved solids including sulphates and hydroxides from cement, oil and grease from equipment used on site. It takes 1,000,000L of water to dilute 1L of concrete wash.

Concrete wash water is highly toxic to fish and other aquatic wildlife, it can cause damage to vegetation and ecosystems and with prolonged skin contact is capable of causing second degree burns. Sometimes people refer to concrete wash water as the ‘silent polluter’ with such major environmental impacts.

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