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Aqua Dams

We import the Aquadam system from the USA. This system is ideal for diverting streams or for emergency management during flood events. It is a system that is quick to install and easy to disestablish when finished.

Waikato District Council recently dammed the Lake Waikare with one of our Aqua Dams. Follow the link to see how this helped them to successfully complete their job!

GoodRich's 6foot Aqua Dam being used in the Avon River.

Aquadams are portable dams filled with onsite water that can be installed wherever needed to control, contain or divert water flow. Aquadams consist of two basic components; two water tight inner polyethylene tubes which contain the water and an outer “master tube” made of a heavy duty geo-textile woven polypropylene which holds the inner tubes in contact when filled. The outer and inner tubes combine to form an Aquadam.

The counter friction/hydraulic pressure between the inner tube and the outer tube, along with the mass and weight of the water, creates pressure and stabilizes the Aquadam, even when lateral water pressure is exerted against it.

Due to the inherent flexibility of the materials used in their construction. Aquadams will conform to most surfaces, providing an excellent seal and keeping water seepage to an absolute minimum.

Aquadams come in various height ranges from 300mm through to 5 metres. Standard lengths are 17 metres and 34 metres.

The Buyer is solely responsible for the selection of the correct size AquaDam for the site conditions during the course of the entire project.  The maximum controllable mud/water depth listed for the AquaDam must not be exceeded.  The outcome of the project is the buyers responsibility.  No guarantees can be made due to the number of variables present.  No guarantee is offered or implied.

AquaDams come in a variety of heights and widths, however the length is for you to determine as each AquaDam is manufactured specifically for your requirements.  Pricing is in US dollars and you will need to convert metres to feet when selecting the size of your AquaDam.  Conversion of US dollars to NZ dollars in any pricing is approximate only and the final costing will be provided on confirmation of your order.

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