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GoodRich's Electronic Dosing Device, set up on a jobsite.

Electronic Dosing Device (EDD)

The EDD will monitor rainfall onsite, rainfall intensity and can measure the volume of water that passes through the pond.

Electronic Dosing Device (EDD)

The Sediment and Erosion Control Industry is revolutionized with this fully automated EDD system. The device resolves the hassles of the basic rain activated shed system.

EDD is a solar powered, flow activated flocculant delivery system which can accurately and efficiently dose sediment retention ponds (SRPs). Rainfall from catchment areas of up to 10ha, or water pumped into the pond via the flume, is measured using an ultrasonic sensor and accurately dosed using a pre-determined rate which is programmed into the EDD system. The system is very easy to calibrate for any catchment size or dose rate and any type of flocculant can be used including dual polymers.

EDD uses telemetry to transmit live data to a website, using an app or directly to a smart phone.


The EDD system can send a text message if any pre-set limits are exceeded, after storm events or if the tank flocculant level is low. The telemetry also allows the user to remotely alter the dose rate if required.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Flow activated system - effective and efficient treatment of sediment.

  • Highly accurate dosing rate.

  • Easy to calibrate for any catchment size up to 10ha.

  • Sends SMS alerts (i.e.. in case of low flocculant) and can also post data to a website.

  • We use telemetry to monitor these devices and can also monitor the turbidity, pH, TSS, dissolved oxygen, tank flocculant level, rainfall volume and intensity, and other customised parameters if required.

  • Low maintenance due to continuous monitoring reducing labour and time.

  • Easy management using a feedback system reducing site auditing.

  • Reduced cost due to efficient chemical usage.

Electronic Dosing Device fitted on IBC

The EDD sits on top of an IBC modular and is easily mobilised.


The EDD system eliminates the cost of a tank and has brackets that hook onto an IBC which allows easy assembly and transportation.

3_Floc Unit installed. GoodRich NZ Environmental Solutions
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