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Frequently Asked Questions


Payment of the AquaDam is required in full on ordering with the rest of the costs due once the AquaDam has been delivered.

What length to choose

Page 7 of the Users Guide gives you the maximum controllable mud/water depth for each size of AquaDam.  You will need to ensure that there is enough length of the AquaDam to position the end of the dam up the bank/ land at least as high as the main body of the dam will be when fully inflated (ie. a 3 foot high AquaDam would have at least 4 feet in elevation up the bank - at both ends).  This needs to be considered when choosing the desired length for your project.

Ways of securing AquaDam during filling

Corners of the AquaDam can be tied to a tree or other secure item to prevent it from slipping down the bank slope whilst filling and in reverse for emptying.

Can you make bends in the AquaDam

You can make turns with the AquaDam.  You will need to measure where the outer perimeter of the AquaDam will be placed around the work area.  AquaDams are double the width of their height when filled.

Manufacturing Timeframe

Manufacturing of AquaDams will vary from 2 days to 4 weeks depending on the size of the AquaDam you are wanting. This excludes freight time.

Best Practice for Removal of AquaDam

The best practice for the removal of the AquaDam, is for the water level along both sides of the AquaDam to be brought to the same level.  This brings the net force on the AquaDam to 0. 

Once the water level inside the dam is reduced to a point below the water level the dam will float. 

For large AquaDams that are too big to reroll in place, equipment such as an excavator or backhoe can be used to pull the AquaDam from the water.  Pump out or drain as much of the water as you can and put a strap around the closed end of the AquaDam.  Very slowly lift up on the strap, the water should drain out the open end.  Make sure the fill tubes are draining.  Go slowly.  

Cleaning of AquaDam after use

After the AquaDam has been removed from the water, you can unroll it on the ground and let the dirt dry, then go along with a broom or a leaf blower and clean the dry dirt off.  You can then reroll the AquaDam up for storage.


You will need to keep the AquaDam out of the elements. You can store them in a container or in your warehouse/ store.  You will want to make sure that you have rodent traps around if you believe this might be a problem as the rodents will try to make a home out of any empty AquaDam.

Further Queries

For any other queries that are not covered on this page, please do not hesitate to contact GoodRich Environmental at

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