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Current Vacancies

Ready for a fulfilling career with GoodRich Environmental Solutions? New Zealand's leading experts in erosion control and bio-engineering.


Embark on the adventure of joining our team:

  • Competitive wage rates, to recognize your efforts.

  • Collaborate with a fantastic team of like-minded individuals.

  • Unlock your potential with ample opportunities for development.

  • Gain valuable skills through on-the- job training.

We're seeking individuals with a positive, motivated mindset and physical fitness, to thrive in the diverse challenges that each day brings at GoodRich. If your passionate about outdoor work and crave a variety of experiences, then come and seize the opportunity, to make each day uniquely rewarding! 

Make a difference today an join our crew!

A large stabilization wall, built by GoodRich. A goodRich Team Member is Hydroseeding on top of the wall and there is a digger working at the bottom of the wall.
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You will be required to assist with the construction of walls and erosion control measures and other work as required.


06 355 3625


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