Soil Stabilisers

Introducing our new range of soil stabilizers. These stabilizers can stop dust or stabilize soil to stop sediment moving and will control erosion on site. They are a combination of polymers that are non-toxic and non-hazardous and can be applied through a water cart on sites. The technologies are complex however the application is very simple which makes them so effective both in performance and cost.

Polymer-Straw Mulch Alternative

The polymer system has now being approved by many Regional Councils as an alternative to Straw Mulching.  It is very cost effective saving you up to 30% of your mulching cost and potentially even more depending on the ratio of application rate to length of efficacy.

Polymer-Asbestos Encapsulation

Polymers are used as a system to instantly encapsulate asbestos contaminated sites. This system has been very effective in the Canterbury Rebuild. It is used on partially demolished houses or where a house has caught fire and asbestos is present. The polymer is sprayed across the site which encapsulates it and stops any dust from becoming airborne.